A Magic Story

As if there were not enough reasons to advocate for adoption, a few days ago my son reminded me of another very important reason. As with any child, they will open up when you least expect it with surprising insight and sincerity. Little did I know that his thoughts would turn into a challenge for me, as well as all of America. He began talking about his past, struggles, experiences and hardships. I already knew some details but it was important to let him talk it through. As he shared his story (some of which is broken English so parts are a little hard to make out), I could feel a sense of the Holy Spirit working through his words. We talked for a good fifteen minutes, yet it felt like the whole world stood still for me. I was let into a past that could either make or break a person, but miraculously by God’s grace he was standing on the other side of it. After he was done talking, he said the most amazing statement that I will never forget, “See, it’s like my magic story!” At first I wasn’t sure what he meant so I wanted to clarify. He explained it a second time with crystal clear meaning and expression. His “magic story” was the statement he used to identify the ending of his story. In his mind, he understood the tremendous difficulty he endured. However, at the same time my son realized ending up in America with a forever family and a new life, was magic, thus his “magic story.” We often talk about and pray for his friends back in the orphanage. Even though he is only seven years old, he gets the gravity of his “magic story” and the hopelessness for those left behind . . . a hopelessness that lingers unless something is done.

      And what is that “something”? Well, the best way I can sum it up is to remind myself and to say to America, “Think outside yourself,” and by that I mean, stop doing the status quo. The only way we will ever be a part of a child’s “magic story” is to stop thinking about our plans and instead listen for God’s plans. We often ask various friends or family, “Would you consider adoption?” The majority of answers are devastating because people fail to remember it’s not about them, it’s about these children who have no hope, no peace and no assurance of a future. “I could never do that!” or “Wow, you must be really good people” or “I’m not sure what it would do to my biological kids,” are often the remarks we hear. Majority of people, though most likely sincere, have failed to let the question sit and actually penetrate their soul to the point of possible consideration. Instead, somehow fear creeps in, all the “what ifs” are too much to handle and the questions is quickly brushed off.

      This topic may be touchy for some or even uncomfortable for others, but again it’s not about you or me . . . it’s about these beautiful children who deserve a chance. We can remember standing in the orphanage while other children tugged at our arms literally asking us to take them instead (a memory that will never be forgotten). If we take the fear out of adoption, I think more loving Americans would consider the opportunity. The only way to take fear out of anything is to replace it with faith in what God can do through you, instead of placing faith in your own efforts. For it is Him enabling us to do His will. Did we, ever think it was possible for us to adopt two kids at one time, from a third world country, not knowing any English and us having no parenting experience? My answer is no. But God gently tugged at our hearts and thankfully we didn’t brush the question of adoption away. Instead, by His grace we let it sink in, to the point it became a reality and now a huge blessing in our lives. Is it easy? I don’t think anything is ever easy in life. Fulfilling? Without a doubt! I feel deeply for those who don’t even stop to consider this life-changing move, or for those who are too fearful to even consider the possibility. Let’s face it; a lot of things in life can be scary. However, it’s usually the scary things that bring the greatest reward and blessing. It is our prayer that each child finds a forever home, while at the same time each one of us stays open and willing to the endless possibilities of God’s plans.

      Every time we look at our son and daughter, it’s amazing to see what God can do if we just consider His leading, rather than our strategically mapped out plans. We have been hugely blessed to be part of a “magic story” and each day it continues to rapidly grow. So the next time someone asks you, “Why don’t you consider adoption?” Out of respect for the millions of waiting children and out of thankfulness to God for his blessings in your life, give the question a chance . . . let it sit with you for awhile . . . even linger. We promise you will not be disappointed and you will never be defeated. Instead, you will be surprised at what’s in store when you take the time to listen. Undoubtedly, you will be the beginning to a child’s “magic story . . . ”

Never Settle