Our Perspective, Our goal

Even with good intentions and the right resources, attempts at solving the orphan's problems cannot be successful unless the perspective and goals are aligned. Our perspective takes a realistic look into the fact that every child will not be adopted. In light of that harsh evidence, our goal is to step in ensuring every child is reached, whether they are adopted or not. While orphanages, institutions or foster systems give a child a place to live, most do not provide the support, love, finances or connections to walk a child through each stage of life, giving them a bright future. That is where Reach Orphans Worldwide comes in. 

Children can be orphaned at any age. Some at birth, others at three and some at fourteen. That being said, our goal is to start pouring into a child's life the moment they enter the system. You see, previous attempts to help these children can be compared to "holding tanks" until they age out of the system. Children sit, wait and lose self-value as the years pass. Instead, we strive to turn that so called, "holding tank" into a place where a child does not simply survive, but throughly thrives. We consider it a privileged to walk beside children, ensuring they understand their value and God's plan for their life. Instead of letting the system determine their future, we equip them to determine that their future is successful.  

There are 153 million orphans worldwide.


The number of children that become orphans every day.

7 million

The number of children that are in institutional care worldwide

17 million

The number of orphans that have lost both parents and are living in orphanages or on the streets.


We are targeting our efforts initially in three locations

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