Take Me Instead

During our trips to different countries we have gotten the opportunity to spend time with many children. It is these interactions that inspire Reach Orphans Worldwide to keep working until every child is reached. We will never forget, saying goodbye after a day of visiting an orphanage when a little boy came up to us and said, "Take me instead." He quickly began doing cartwheels saying, "Look, look!" as if trying to show what he could do better or different in order to change our minds and take him home instead. How does a person respond to that? What could we say? No thank you doesn't seem to even come close. How do we make a child understand that we cannot take them and that God has a plan for their life, even if it means he or she cannot go home with us? For that reason Reach Orphans Worldwide exists . . . to bring hope and a future to children everywhere, no matter the circumstance, no matter the struggle and no matter if they are adopted or not. We will not forget these children, we will not give up working to REACH them all.

Never SettleProblem