Have Less, Do More

For most of us living in America we have been blessed with many things, endless possessions and modern conveniences that make life enjoyable and manageable. However, for people who are not in the middle/upper class of America or who are in third world countries, this is usually not the case. Clean water, endless food, internet access and cell phones are not the normal commodities in other places. Over the past few months we as a family and here at ROW, have been challenged to live with less, to live more minimally. It sounds simple but it is truly a challenge when everyday you are told what you need, what you must buy or what you must do to be happy. What does it mean to live minimally? What is the intention behind living with less? How does generosity lend itself to benefitting others?

This past Christmas we put this intention into practice. Each of our kids received only two gifts, one small toy and one fun piece of candy. Instead of spending a huge amount of money on gifts we took a trip to the snow, the kids opened their gifts and they thought it was the best Christmas ever. Little did they know that inside we felt as if we let them down, as if the gifts were not enough. However, our kids took what they got, began jumping up and down and were so thankful for what they received. Their Christmas was spent playing together in the snow and making memories that will last them forever. Never once did they mention feeling disappointed, but instead they expressed thankfulness for the time we spent together. The money we saved on gift giving went towards a coat drive we started through ROW. We were able to bless other children through our living with less practice. 

Now this is just a simple example and we can always do more. However, the point is that by living with less, such as less possessions, less toys, less money spent, we are able to do more for others. Living with less lends itself to benefitting others in a way like no other. We spend less time thinking about what we need and more time seeing who we can help instead. Then, when we find someone in need we have the resources to bless them. We find out that in return, we gain a deep joy in giving, something our Heavenly Father does for each one of us. By giving to others, it brings us closer to Him, closer to His heart and closer to His will for our lives. Living with less, doing more causes an endless cycle of thankfulness in our own lives for what God has done for us. 

We challenge you today. For in doing this, you will be blessed in ways no possession or thing could ever come close to matching. Have less, do more . . . and watch God do miracles.