You Gave $1142

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We cannot say it enough! Through your generosity, you were able to sponsor over 19 kids to go to Camp LELA this summer! Over 17 children accepted Christ through the camp. Your giving impacted eternity! 

Camp LELA 2018 was far more than just a camp. It hosted over 950 people including orphans, troubled children, refugee children, disabled children, and Ukrainian families that have adopted and/or are fostering children. The staff provided a child the opportunity to be known, to be loved and to experience the heart of the Father while enjoying summer activities. Only $60 sent a child to camp, a small price for changing a life. 

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God is using you to move mountains, to change lives and to show His power in the darkest places! We look forward to partnering with the Heritage Ukraine Foundation for Camp LELA again next year!!!