In order to Change the orphan's future, we must change their physical environment, social status and self-worth by walking beside them, guiding them and providing opportunities for growth. Reach Orphans Worldwide utilizes two key avenues that will give a child a chance to be successful, adopted or not. We partner with orphanages/foster care systems to ensure transitional housing and work placement programs are strategically set in place so at the very moment a child ages out of the system, they begin a program focusing on their individual talents and strengths. Why is this so important? Left alone, the average child who "ages out" of the system, around 16-years-old, will be left to the streets to fend for themselves. Tragically, most children turn to drugs, prostitution and even suicide. They have no hope and no future without programs that will inspire and challenge them to care about the future. 

Left alone, the average child who ‘ages out’ of the system, around 16-years-old, will be left to the streets to fend for themselves.

We all want to feel connected and supported. That is why Reach Orphans Worldwide is committed to changing the orphan's future. The orphanage/foster system are no longer the solution or holding tanks for children with no future. Instead, Reach Orphans Worldwide is working to start partnerships around the world that create environments focused on the success of each child.  

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