The normal orphanage usually sends children to the neighboring public schools or no school at all. However, if school is a possibility imagine for a moment you are the one walking to school from the orphanage. You arrive, and the stigma of being an orphan never goes away. At recess you are treated differently, and all throughout the day there are whispers about you. You return to the orphanage feeling less than everyone else, unworthy and that you are different. Seem unfair? That is what millions of children face everyday.

Education is vital in directing a child's future. That is why we at Reach Orphans Worldwide make it our goal to ensure each child receives access to proper education, Biblical teaching, vocational training and work placement programs. What does this look like? Internationally, we are working hard to start schools connected to orphanages that will provide strong academic excellence, Biblical teaching and a safe environment for the children to excel individually. They will be sheltered from the stigma of being an orphan, while at the same time taught they are valued and loved. Additionally, we are working to provide outreach programs to caregivers within the orphanages, cultivating a teamwork approach resulting in a greater impact. 

Education is vital in directing a child’s future.

Domestically, we pursue organizations that are open to our REACH program. Access to proper education, Bible camps and outreach programs are just some of the avenues offered to foster children within the United States.

What is the result? Children begin to understand they are valued and that God created them for a purpose. This self-value drives them to become successful, independent and confident. When children are given positive educational opportunities, the socioeconomic status of that region gradually begins to shift and the impact is astounding.

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