'Tis Every Season

As we look around during this holiday season we are greatly encouraged in all the giving hearts, helping hands and warm wishes from everyone involved in making a difference at ROW. That is why we are excited to encourage you to continue giving and sharing in every season of the year. While 'Tis the season still rings very true around this time of year, we challenge you to take a step back and carefully remember that in every season, faithful giving and sharing of ourselves for those who have less must remain a priority. In fact, why not live by the modo, 'Tis Every Season to give, share and inspire? Seem challenging? Not in the least. For if we as a community put ourselves in other people's shoes and ask ourselves, "What if that was me, not having enough food? What if that was my child with no shoes? What if that was me, growing up with no family?" amazing things will start to happen. Taking the time to ask ourselves simple questions alleviates the overwhelming stress of taking action. It allows us to focus on one need, on one area or on one solution. For we all have to start somewhere and slowly work giving into our way of life and soon we are reaching others just by how we live and how we think. In the end, we are the ones who are truly blessed and truly changed. 'Tis Every Season.